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TootyrToken (TRT) is a utility token to be traded on exchanges and used for:

  • Course payments within our platform,
  • Incentives and rewards for student achievement 
  • Incentives for teachers who create content and outstanding reviews

Funds raised from this token sale will be used to:

  • Expand and create 7 new features on our current site
  • Develop leading-edge educational programs
  • Incorporate game theory and leaderboards in new programs
  • Scale worldwide

Blockchain Technology will be used to:

  • Verify student certification
  • Verify authorship of course content
  • Provide employers with verifiable records for hiring

Pre-Sale 30% Bonus Ends: November 30th, 2018
Public Token Sale: December 1st – 31st, 2018
Time is up, sorry!
Contributors of 20 ETH + are required to join our whitelist
Start: Presale Active Aug 1 – November 30th, 2018

Public Token Sale (ICO) December 1st – 31st 2018

Hard cap: $10 million CAD
Soft cap: $5 million CAD
Token symbol: TRT
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 13,000 TRT (Presale Aug 1 – Nov 30, 2018)

1 ETH = 10,000 TRT (Public sale December 1 – 31st, 2018)

Project protocol: ERC20 compatible utility token

Buy TootyrTokens

We Accept Ethereum Only!

Copy and paste our TootyrToken Crowd-Sale contract address below! Only use wallets that support ERC20 custom tokens, we recommend MyEtherWallet (online) or MetaMask (browser extension). Send any amount of Ethereum to this address and automatically receive your TootyrTokens. (Transactions can take between 10 minutes and up to 6 hours)



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What is Tootyr?

Tootyr will transform and ultimately replace older education delivery systems.

A well thought out and responsive educational and tutoring platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology that offers multiple ways to learn, incorporating gaming theory and human-centered program design and financial incentives to motivate and keep users engaged while having fun learning.

Many large bureaucratic educational institutions are outdated, expensive and inaccessible to millions, especially in developing nations. Skills required for the workforce of the future are evolving at lightning speed. Tootyr teachers are incentivized to develop courses that are relevant to students and the job market in real time. Certificates of course completion are posted on the blockchain providing an immutable and transparent record for students and employers.

What is TootyrToken (TRT)?

TootyrToken (TRT) is a utility token that will be used within the Tootyr educational platform for incentives, rewards, lesson payments and content development. TRT will also be listed on crypto-currency exchanges. Anyone sharing our vision can contribute to the development of Tootyr by buying TootyrTokens (TRT) during the initial coin-offering event. Tootyr’s goal is to raise a minimum of $5 million CAD and to stop excepting contributions when $10 million CAD is collected. Some of the numbers may change due to ETH/US exchange rate volatility, but the following numbers are best estimates as of June 2018.

  • Lesson payments
  • Incentives
  • Rewards
  • Human focussed design
  • Incentivized education
  • Blockchain technology
Scope of problem

Children will be living in a world radically altered from our own.

Five-year-olds who started kindergarten this year will be at University in 2030 and will spend most of their working lives in the second half of the 21st-century.

What children are learning today matters to the future. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation are transforming how we live and work. Machine learning adapts and learns over time, changing the nature of education and work. Parents want their children to be prepared for this new world

Artificial intel
Our Goal

All About Education

Our site will be the next wave of e-learning and human interaction, utilizing gamification and incentive adoption methods. This will spur the growth of the user base, which we estimate to double every two years.

Although gamification and incentive techniques are well tested and proven to help motivate consumers in other fields, it is seldom used by existing competitors, who stick to a more old style, tried-and-true academic approaches. We have assembled the current best practices for providing access to teaching materials and augmented it with learning process gamification, human mentorship, verifiable assessment, financial incentives to students. None of our competitors employ all of these features.

The smiling faces of New Caledonia kids
Token structure

Distibution of Tokens

TootyrToken TRT is an ERC 20 compatible token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is used within the ecosystem of Tootyr’s education platform offering incentives and rewards for students and teachers.

Our users – that include, parents, students and teachers – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to transform the way education is delivered for millions including the developing world.

  • 76% Distribute to Community

  • 10% Reserved Funding

  • 10% Founders and Team

  • 2% Advisors

  • 2% Bounty campaign

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Where We're Headed & How it Started

Worldwide Launch

June 1, 2019

Worldwide Launch – Worldwide launch with new features, including internal token rewards economy, blockchain technology, incentivized & human centred educational games

Token Sale Starts – ICO

December 1, 2018

Token Sale Starts – ICO

TootyrToken ICO – Starts December 1st, ends December 31st 2018, soft cap $5 million, funds to be used to  develop new incentivized, human centred educational platform. 1ETH=10,000 tokens.

TootyrToken Presale

August 1, 2018

TootyrToken Presale

Bonus rate 30% August 1st – November 30th, 2018 – 1 ETH = 13,000 TootyrTokens – Minimum purchase 1ETH – Accepted currency ETH

All Subjects

January 4, 2016

All Subjects

Pivot to, 1000 subscribers, on demand marketplace for tutors of all types, developed and tested 9 features

On Demand

January 9, 2012

On Demand

Pivot to, on demand web app to schedule music teachers for in home lessons

Video Lessons

September 1, 2009

Video Lessons

Stellar Music Online Media Inc. created with new angel investment

Founding of Company

January 5, 2004

Founding of Company

Stellar Music Conservatory Inc. a bricks and mortar operation, founded by David Blackmore, with angel investors, 400 weekly students all instruments & theory, 20 teachers, 2004-09

Our Best Asset

Product-Focused Team

Join our amazing team

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Social Media Marketing Associate Remote Social Media Marketing May 17, 2018