ICO and Token Design

Tootyr will issue an ERC 20 compatible token, which will be used to provide incentives to students and teachers on the platform and rolled out to the public in an ICO.

The sale of Tootyr tokens will be final and nonrefundable. Tootyr will not be responsible for any loss of Tootyr tokens or situations make it impossible to access Tootyr tokens, which may result from any actions or omissions of the user or person undertaking to acquire Tootyr tokens, as well as in the case of hacker attacks.

We plan to offer anyone sharing our vision to contribute to the development of Tootyr by buying Tootyr tokens during the initial coin-offering event, which will be held on Q3 2018. Tootyr’s goal is to raise a minimum of $5 million CAD and to stop excepting contributions when $10 million CAD is collected. Some of the numbers may change due to ETH/US exchange rate volatility, but the following numbers are best estimates as of May 2018.

• Maximum financing: 25,000 ETH – may change due to exchange rates
• Minimum financing: 300 ETH – may change due to exchange rate changes
• Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 TootyrTokens – may change with ETH exchange rates

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