Dave ToporowskiChief Technology Officer

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areas of expertise
  • Solidity Smart Contract Developer
  • The Ethereum Platform
  • Custom Full Stack Developer
  • Computer Science, Seneca College Applied Science & Technology

Over 15 years of experience specializing in programming, software design, database and web development in a variety of settings including children’s educational/gaming sites, the eReader/eBook industry, government agencies, web hosting companies and more. Gravitates or trends towards opportunities and companies approaching extreme growth and success and the challenges of providing the most optimal and secure infrastructure and underlying back and front end system need’s to meet the necessary demands to support it.

Dave comes up with results that are actually implementable. That is his strength compared to other developers.

Before developing the TootyrToken and TootyrToken Crowd Sales contracts in early 2018, Dave was the lead developer for major Internet companies that achieved Unicorn status in only a few short years. Previously, Dave was a developer for various projects, most recently a scientific site requiring complex solutions.