Sunill Kumaar, Chief Growth Officer

  • Created a responsive and market- driven organization resulting in increased bottom-line revenue from $1.3 million to $28 million in 3 years.
  • Created an award winning Mobile Tutor(E-Learning ) platform which has been successfully launched in over 20 countries.
  • Opened new marketing channels and established strategic alliance and presence in asia, europe, africa & middle east.
  • Introduced successful new platforms & products in service delivery, DCB, IOT, mobile recharge, roaming, referral, digital advertising, health, education, classifieds, utility, sports, customer engagement, loyalty & betting with an overall subscriber base of 19 million.
  • Scaled the company to high profitability through strategic and efficient restructuring.
  • Made strategic investments in 3 companies – E-Learning, market place & IOT.
  • Increased market share by 11% through Joint venture and multiple partnerships.
  • Won over 10 RFPs from the leading telecom companies in the world for E-Recharge, Roaming products, health, CSMS, CMS & SDP.